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Crowdfunding to Help You Reach Your Educational Goals...

GoEnnounce is helping Teachers Test Prep students finance their test prep classes and tutoring expenses!

GoEnnounce.com is the place for students to share school-related updates and fundraise for academic expenses and goals. Students can get rewards, encouragement and financial aid from family and friends by sharing what’s going on in school.

As an aspiring educator, you’ve already experienced the educational expenses and fees that come along with becoming a teacher. GoEnnounce helps you receive financial assistance through their online educational crowdfunding platform to cover your educational costs, including our test prep services, so you can avoid additional student loans and debt.

It's quick, easy and fun to start crowdfunding. To get started, log on and create a 'Mission'. Enter the amount you want to raise and the amount of time you need to raise funds. Be as descriptive as possible about why Teachers Test Prep classes are important to you and your goals. The more your friends and family know about your 'Mission,’ the more likely they will be to donate. Finally, send your fundraising ‘Mission’ out to all of your family and friends.

You can integrate GoEnnounce with your social networks, making it easy to share your ‘Mission’ with everyone you know! Your ‘Supporters’ can donate as little as $1 by entering their credit card info, and collectively help you reach your goal. They can also share your Mission with their own social networks; it's just like having your own personal donation website.

As a GoEnnounce member, you have instant access to every donation as it comes in! You never have to wait until you reach your entire goal or until your fundraising period is over to access your funds. We know that every dollar counts and any help is better than none to avoid more debt. Unlike other crowdfunding sites, GoEnnounce does not penalize you if you don't raise your entire goal; they just deduct a 3.5% fee from any money raised. This is one of the lowest crowdfunding fees out there, and if you don't raise any money, you're never charged. GoEnnounce partners with the payment processor WePay, so your funds are 100 percent secure and kept in a FDIC-insured bank. At any time, you can transfer your funds to your bank account or mail in check form for free.

Your family and friends want to help you achieve your dreams; they just need to know what's going on. GoEnnounce makes that easier for you by giving you a platform to reach the people who really care and want to help. With GoEnnounce and Teachers Test Prep services, you’ll be on the path to becoming an educator. We admire your educational goals and career path and want to help you succeed!


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