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NOTE: Praxis PPST is the Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test, Praxis 5014/5018 are the Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge exams, Praxis 5031 is the Praxis II Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects exam (which includes subtests 5032-5035), Praxis 0069 and 5169 are the Praxis II Middle School Mathematics exams, Praxis 0061/5061 and 5161 are Praxis II Mathematics: Content Knowledge exams, Praxis 0435/5435 is the Praxis II General Science: Content Knowledge exam, Praxis 5411 is Praxis Educational Leadership, Praxis 5081 is Praxis Social Studies: Content Knowledge, and Praxis 5543 is Praxis Special Education.

CSET Math CSET Science CSET Soc. Sci.
CSET English Praxis PPST Praxis 0014
Praxis 5031 Praxis 0061 Praxis 0069
CPACE Praxis 5169 Praxis 0435
Praxis 5161 OAE Math 027 OAE MG Math 030
OAE MG Sci 029 Praxis Core Praxis 5001
Praxis 5411 Praxis 5081 Praxis 5018
CSET Writing Praxis 5543


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