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Teachers Test Prep offers free online Praxis study guides and Praxis practice tests for select exams, as well as affordable prep classes, one-on-one tutoring, and on-demand online prep.  We also provide our users with helpful summaries of key supporting information about these exams, including test dates, costs, and registration info.

However, these services are only available for the following set of exams:

If you are taking a different Praxis exam, please click here to get test dates, costs, and registration info from the official Praxis website

You may also wish to consider purchasing a traditional, print-based study guide, many of which include several full-length practice tests.  Please select your Praxis exam below to view a listing of the top books available for your specific test.




Praxis Art (0133, 0134, 0135)

Praxis Biology (0231, 0233, 0235)

Praxis Chemistry (0242, 0245)

Praxis Early Childhood (0020, 0022)

Praxis Earth & Space Science (0571)

Praxis Elem. Ed. (0011/5011)

Praxis English (0041, 0043, 0044)

Praxis ESOL (0361)

Praxis French (5174)

Praxis Fundamental Subjects (0511)

Praxis Government (0930, 0931)

Praxis Library Media Spec. (0311)

Praxis Middle School Content (0146)

Praxis Middle School English (0049)

Praxis Middle School Science (0439)

Praxis Middle Sch. Soc. Stud. (0089)

Praxis Music (0113, et al.)

Praxis ParaPro (0755)

Praxis Physical Education (0091)

Praxis Physics (0265)

Praxis PLT (0621 - 0624)

Praxis Reading (0201)

Praxis Reading Specialist (0300)

Praxis School Counseling (0420)

Praxis Spanish (5195)

Praxis Speech Pathology (0330)



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