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Praxis Math Study Guides: Learn Exactly What's on Your Exam

Our free online Praxis Math Study Guides give you a concise, bullet-pointed listing of exactly what topics will appear on your exam, so you can ensure you're studying the right material, right from the start.

Whether you decide to prep with us, our study on your own, reviewing these guides is a great way to begin your test preparation.

Praxis Math Study Guides are available for the math section of the Praxis I PPST and Praxis Core exams, and the math sections of the Praxis II Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (0014/5014) exam and Praxis II Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5031-5035) exams, Praxis II Middle School Math, and for the Praxis II Mathematics: Content Knowledge (0061/5061/5161) exam for high school math teachers.

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Praxis I PPST

Praxis Core

Praxis Elem. Ed. Content Knowledge

Praxis Elem. Ed. Multiple Subjects

Praxis Middle School Math (0069)

Praxis Middle School Math (5169)

Praxis Mathematics (0061)

Praxis Mathematics (5161)