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You've watched our Core Videos to learn all the underlying subject matter you need for the Praxis, CSET, CBEST, or RICA.  Now you want to know how to apply your knowledge to the specific question types you're most likely to encounter on the real exam.  That's why all our Online Prep programs include an innovative Virtual Tutoring feature called Smart-STEM (Smart-System Targeted Education Modules).

With Smart-STEM Virtual Tutoring, you can watch on-demand videos in which an expert tutor will guide you through every multiple choice question on your full-length Version 1 Practice Test, explaining the content knowledge you need for that question, as well as how to approach other similar question types you will encounter on the real test.  Next to each Virtual Tutoring video, you'll see your corresponding practice test question showing the answer you chose, along with the correct answer (see screenshot below).  And because our intellegent system tracks your individual practice test results, you can choose whether you wish to watch Smart-STEM videos for every question, or only the ones you missed.

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Want instant access to Core Videos like these covering every key topic on your exam?  Simply choose your exam below and purchase any of our Online Prep programs.  When you enroll in Online Prep, you'll also get access to a host of other great features, including Core Videos in which an instructor will give you the same in-depth instruction that has helped thousands of our in-person prep class students pass the Praxis, CSET, CBEST and RICA, and Advanced Diagnostics that assess your strengths and weakness based on your practice test results and automatically recommend the exact videos that will benefit you most, so you can be confident you are making the best use of your valuable study time.

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NOTE: Praxis PPST is the Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test, Praxis 5014/5018 are the Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge exams, Praxis 5031 is the Praxis II Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects exam (which includes subtests 5032-5035), Praxis 0069 and 5169 are Praxis II Middle School Mathematics exams, Praxis 0061/5061 and 5161 are Praxis II Mathematics: Content Knowledge exams, Praxis 0435/5435 is the Praxis II General Science: Content Knowledge exam, Praxis 5411 is Praxis Educational Leadership, Praxis 5081 is Praxis Social Studies: Content Knowledge, and Praxis 5543 is Praxis Special Education. OAE is the Ohio Assessments for Educators.

CSET Math CSET Science CSET Soc. Sci.
CSET English Praxis PPST Praxis 0014
Praxis 5031 Praxis 0061 Praxis 0069
Praxis 5169 Praxis 0435 Praxis 5161
OAE Math 027 OAE MG Math 030 OAE MG Sci 029
Praxis Core Praxis 5001 Praxis 5411
Praxis 5081 Praxis 5018 CSET Writing
Praxis 5543 CPACE


Screenshot of Smart-STEM Interface

Our easy-to-use Smart-STEM Virtual Tutoring interface lets you watch videos for every multiple choice question on your full-length Version 1 Practice Test.  Want more help?  Click the "Slideshow" or "View Guide" buttons on your Smart-STEM interface and you'll be taken to the corresponding sections of your Core Slideshows and Study Guide, where you can learn more about the concepts related to each question.