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edTPA Overview

The edTPA is a performance-based assessment used by teacher preparation programs throughout the US to measure and support the skills and knowledge required of teachers in the classroom.

Aspiring teachers must prepare a portfolio of materials during their student teaching experience. This includes unedited video recordings of themselves at work in a real classroom. The portfolio is then scored by highly-trained educators. 

edTPA is a subject-specific assessment with versions for twenty-eight different teaching fields. All versions focus on three tasks: Planning, Instruction, and Assessment.

edTPA Submission Fees

2023-24 edTPA Submission Fees*

Below is an overview of the 2023-24 edTPA fees for submission.

Service Fees
Full assessment or full retake $300
3-task retake (Elementary Education: Literacy with Mathematics Task 4 and Elementary Education: Mathematics with Literacy Task 4 only) $300
2-task retake $200
Single-task retake $100


edTPA Submission Dates

2023-24 edTPA Submission Dates*

You will receive your edTPA score profile based on the date you submit your portfolio, as listed below. All submission dates listed below are required by 11:59pm (Pacific Time).

edTPA Submission Dates Reporting Dates
10/19/23 11/9/23
11/1/23 11/22/23
11/16/23 12/7/23
11/30/23 12/21/23
12/14/23 1/4/24
2/22/24 3/14/24
3/7/24 3/28/24
3/21/24 4/11/24
4/4/24 4/25/24
4/18/24 5/9/24
5/2/24 5/23/24
7/11/24 8/1/24
8/1/24 8/22/24


*This information is subject to change. All test-takers should visit the official edTPA website at https://www.edtpa.com to confirm fees, registration, and testing requirements before enrolling.

Not sure how you’ll perform on the exam? Start by viewing our free edTPA Study Guide to get a concise breakdown of exactly what is required for your portfolio submission.

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