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Careers at Teachers Test Prep


As a member of the team at Teachers Test Prep, you'll have the opportunity to work with aspiring K-12 teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators, helping them master the skills and knowledge they need to pass their credentialing exams and succeed in their classrooms and schools.

Whether you work as one of our core team of dedicated full-time staff members or as a member of our dynamic team of part-time teachers, tutors, graders and content creators, you'll find that we offer competive compensation, an upbeat, supportive work environment and the chance to make a difference in countless students' lives.

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Faculty Positions


These are typically part-time, independent contractor positions.

We offer great pay and flexible scheduling, so these positions are very popular with working K-12 teachers who want to share their knowledge and experience with the next generation while earning extra income on weekends and evenings.

Some of our team members are also retired educators or other individuals with strong academic backgrounds and great teaching skills who simply want a flexible and rewarding work environment.

  • Prep Class Instructors teach our Zoom prep classes after work hours, as well as in-person classes on weekends. Classes are typically held every quarter.
  • One-on-One Tutors set their own schedules and typically work with individuals online from home.
  • Exam Graders review written responses and provide scoring and individualized feedback to help students improve.

Many of our team members serve in several of the above roles, so applicants are welcome to apply for multiple positions if interested.


Current Openings:

There are no faculty openings at this time.


Staff Positions


These are typically full-time, employee positions.

Our staff members are each an important part of a tight-knit, collaborative team. Because we're a small group, employees handle a wide variety of tasks and there is always something new to learn.

We offer competitive compensation and great benefits, including health, dental, retirement and more.

We believe in maintaining a healthy work/life balance and enjoying what we do each day; the journey is just as important as the results.


Current Openings:

There are no staff openings at this time.



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