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Note: As of 2020, ETS (the official testing service) has replaced Praxis 5411 with the Praxis 5412 exam. Our Praxis 5411 prep program covers much of the content assessed in the new exam; however, please be aware that there are some differences. We will announce when updated materials are available.

Passing the Praxis Educational Leadership: Assessment and Supervision (ELAS) (5411) exam is essential for your teaching career, so finding the right test prep is key.

Each of us learns differently. Many test-takers prefer the convenience of self-paced online prep. Some like being part of a live class where they can ask questions and interact with others. Others need one-on-one tutoring to focus on specific topics they find challenging.

Read below to learn about the different Praxis Educational Leadership prep options we offer, then choose the one that best fits your needs.

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Our online prep programs feature Core Videos that teach you the exact content you need to pass, Core Slideshows that allow you to quickly review key points, Test Tutoring Videos that guide you through every question on our realistic practice tests, and Advanced Diagnostics that offer in-depth insights into your strengths and weaknesses.



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