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CSET Mathematics Tutoring


The CSET Mathematics exam is challenging. One-on-One Tutoring can help you with areas where you may be feeling stuck or confused.

With our Golden Apple Online Prep, you'll first learn the content knowledge and test strategies you need for success. Then you'll receive a 2-hour private session with one of our caring, experienced tutors.

This one-on-one help is the perfect way to address specific topics or test questions that are giving you trouble, so you can take the exam with confidence.

How to Get Started


To get the most out of your tutoring session, we recommend you first complete your Golden Apple Online Prep program. It uses engaging instructional videos and interactive practice tests to teach you all the key content and strategies.

By working through this program first, you'll build the broad foundation of knowledge you need. You'll also get a detailed breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses, using our Advanced Diagnostics. You can then schedule your tutoring session close to your test date and get help on the exact topics and questions that will benefit you most, arriving on exam day with the information fresh in your mind.

Our Golden Apple programs include a 2-hour tutoring session for each subtest, so if you enroll in Golden Apple for all three CSET Mathematics subtests, you receive a total of 6 hours of one-on-one help.

Note that tutoring sessions are available exclusively via Zoom. Please see our Tutoring Calendar for availability.


To get started, enroll in our Golden Apple Online Prep program.

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