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The written-response sections of the Praxis, FTCE, CSET, CBEST, CPACE and RICA are critical to your success on these exams.  Without the knowledge and strategy needed to write strong written responses, most test-takers will not pass.

Many test-takers who have failed these exams are frustrated by the minimal amount of feedback they get from their score reports, usually simply a set of letters indicating the categories in which their answers fell short (such as knowledge, support, etc.).  There has been noplace to get detailed feedback as to why you received a certain score on your written responses or how you can improve. 

Until now.

Teachers Test Prep is pleased to offer Written Response Grading services.  A professional grader will grade your practice test written responses using the exact criteria and approach that is used for grading the real exam.  But you won't just get your scores, your grader will also provide you with in-depth feedback on each of your answers and specific notes on how you can improve.

Written Response Grading is very affordable, and can make the difference between passing and failing.  Don't wait until exam day to find out if your written responses need improvement... submit your  practice test written responses for grading and feedback today!



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