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Q. What is covered in your prep classes and online prep programs? Are they mostly strategy or do you teach the actual subject matter?

A. We do cover strategies to boost your scores on both multiple-choice and written response questions. However, we believe that strategies are much more effective when students have a strong base of subject matter knowledge. That's why our classes and online prep programs are predominantly subject matter focused. We teach all the core concepts you need for your exam in a format that is both concise and engaging. This is one of the reasons our classes and online prep programs are much more successful than programs that simply offer strategies and "test tricks."

Q. What guarantees do you offer?

A. Our programs have a proven record of success, which is why we are able to offer some of the strongest Guarantees* in our industry. Prep classes, tutoring and online prep programs each have their own specific guarantees. Please see Our Guarantees page for a simple explanation of the guarantees we offer with each of our programs.

Q. If I want to retake a class, how do I sign up?

A. Simply log in to your user account and click on the "Credits" button on your My Account page.  This will allow you to select the upcoming class you wish to attend and apply your free retake credit if space is available in that class. You will then be added to the roster and will receive a confirmation by email.

If you wish to retake a class, please be sure to enroll online beforehand. Walk-ins on the day of class will not be admitted.

Q. Where are your classes held?

A. Most of our classes are held at college campuses and conference facilities. Others are held live online.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. Because we depend on student commitments to book facilities, print materials, and pay our instructors, we have a No Refund Policy* for all Prep Classes and certain other services, so please be sure you can attend before enrolling. 

Per our Private Tutoring Satisfaction Guarantee*, we do offer a refund for all remaining tutoring sessions if you are not satisfied for any reason after your first tutoring session.

We also offer a Money Back or Extended Support Guarantee* for our Core Plus and Golden Apple online prep programs. Please see Our Guarantees for more information.

Q. What is your prep class success rate?

A. Our success rate for Core Plus prep is 93-98%, depending on the particular exam, based on guarantee redemptions. We are pleased to say that this data suggests we are one of the most effective test prep programs in the country. We are especially proud that many of our students who passed were individuals who had taken the exam multiple times without success before coming to us.

Q. Should I plan to take a lot of notes if I am attending a prep class?

A. After your prep class, you will receive three months of unlimited access to our instructor's slideshow via our website, so you will not need to write down all the information that is presented visually. However, most students do find it useful to take additional notes on information their instructor may present verbally, so we recommend you bring ample note-taking supplies.

Q. Can I record lectures?

A. No. For intellectual property reasons, and for the privacy and comfort of all students, we do not allow any form of recording.

Q. If I am attending a class, where should I park?

A. Most of our locations have free or low cost parking nearby. In addition, many of the college campuses where our classes are held allow free parking in certain areas without a permit on evenings and weekends. Because parking regulations can change without notice and are enforced by each facility, we cannot provide specific parking recommendations and are not liable for tickets received if students violate restrictions. Students are individually responsible for observing all posted signage and complying with parking regulations. Should you have specific parking questions, or if you need to make special parking arrangements, please contact the location where your class is being held:

Courtyard West LA: (310) 484-7000 - Teachers Test Prep provides validation stickers covering the cost of self-parking in the hotel lot.

Cal Baptist University: (951) 343-4374 - Free on-campus parking

College of San Mateo: (650) 574-6415 - Low cost on-campus parking on weekdays; free on-campus parking on weekends

Hyatt Place Sacramento/Roseville: (916) 781-6400 - Free on-site parking


*See our Terms of Service for details. Some restrictions apply.


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