edTPA Registration Info

Below is a general overview of edTPA registration info and testing fees.

edTPA administrations are available year-round. Registration must be completed online at the official edTPA website. Your score will be made available to you based on the date when you submit your completed portfolio.

Make sure you plan your time before you register for the edTPA. To get started, view our free edTPA Requirements Overview Study Guide.

edTPA Testing Costs

Below is an overview of the 2023 edTPA fees for submission.

This information is subject to change. All test-takers should visit the official edTPA website to confirm fees, registration procedures and testing requirements.

edTPA Testing Costs

edTPA Service Fees
Full assessment or full retake


3-task retake (Elementary Education: Literacy with Mathematics - Task 4 and Elementary Education: Mathematics with Literacy - Task 4 only)


2-task retake


Single-task retake


Planning Your edTPA Submission

For the edTPA, the normal registration fee is $300. Retake costs may vary, depending on how many tasks you need to retake.

Before you register, read our free edTPA Requirements Overview to get a concise breakdown of exactly what is expected when you submit your portfolio.

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