Praxis Registration Info

Below is an overview of Praxis registration info and testing fees, as well as a list of testing center locations.

Computer-based and online-proctored testing are available by appointment during certain windows. (View upcoming Praxis test dates here.)

Registration for all forms of testing must be completed online at the official Praxis website.

Make sure you plan your study time before you register for the Praxis. To get started, view our free Praxis Study Guide and take a free Praxis Practice Test.

Praxis Testing Costs

Below is an overview of 2024 Praxis registration fees for computer-based and online-proctored testing.

This information is subject to change. All test-takers should visit the official Praxis testing service website to confirm fees, registration procedures and testing requirements.

Praxis Testing Costs

Praxis Test Registration Fees
Parapro Prometric test center - $85; Other test center - $55 plus location premium (if applicable)
Praxis Core (5712 / 5713 / 5722 / 5723 / 5732 / 5733 / 5751 / 5752) $90 per individual subtest or $150 for combined test
Praxis Educational Leadership (5411) $130
Praxis Elementary Ed: Content Knowledge (5018) $130
Praxis Elementary Ed: Multiple Subjects (5001-5005) $64 per individual subtest or $180 for combined test
Praxis General Science (5435) $130
Praxis Mathematics (5161) $130
Praxis Middle School Mathematics (5169) $130
Praxis PLT: Grades K-6 (5622) $156
Praxis Social Studies (5081) $130
Praxis Special Education (5354) $130
Praxis Special Education: Mild to Moderate (5543) $156

Planning Your Praxis Test Registration

In some instances, how you register for the Praxis can affect both your fees and testing experience.

For certain Praxis exams, such as Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects, you have the option of retaking any sections that you don't pass. However, passing as many subtests as possible on your first attempt will help you save money, as the cost of taking all sections combined is generally less than the cumulative cost of the separate subtests. Before you register for your exam, read our free study guide to learn more about the content of each subtest.

Each section of the exam is usually timed separately. Timing yourself on a full-length practice test will help you determine your working pace. This will help you decide which testing scenario is best for you.

Praxis Testing Locations

Please select your state to view a complete list of Praxis testing locations near you. Note that locations may change and that not all testing sites are available for all exams and dates.

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT go to a testing center until you have registered for the exam and scheduled your appointment. To register and schedule an appointment, and to confirm locations and availability, please visit the official Praxis testing service website.

Praxis Testing Locations

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