Praxis Educational Leadership Practice Tests

Praxis Educational Leadership Practice Test

Note: ETS (the official testing service) has replaced Praxis 5411 with the Praxis 5412 exam. Our Praxis 5411 prep program covers much of the content assessed in the new exam; however, please be aware that there are some differences.

Our free online Praxis Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision (5411) Practice Tests are designed by leading educators based on the official content specifications and closely replicate all aspects of the actual exam, including test length, content areas, difficulty level and question types.

After you complete each full-length practice test, your exam will be instantly auto-graded and you'll see your likelihood of passing. You can then view all the questions you got right and wrong, along with the correct answers. You’ll also receive a breakdown of your individual strengths and weaknesses by content domain, so you can focus your study time on the areas that will benefit you most.

Our first Praxis Educational Leadership Practice Test (Version 1) and basic diagnostics are free.

If you wish to access our second Praxis Educational Leadership Practice Test (Version 2), enroll in Core Plus or Golden Apple Online Prep. Both programs include an additional practice test with video explanations of each answer, as well as many other study features.

Select a version below to take your Praxis Educational Leadership Practice Test.

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