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For most RICA test-takers, one of the most frustrating aspects of not passing is the minimal amount of feedback provided on the official RICA score reports.  That's why we've created free online diagnostics.  Whether your previous RICA scores have fallen short, or you're taking the test for the first time, when you start by taking our free RICA diagnostics, you can ensure you're studying smartly and focusing your time on the specific areas that will benefit you most.

Our diagnostics are created by an industry-leading team of teachers and test experts, and are used and recommended by some of the nation's top educators and universities.

To get started, simply take our online RICA Practice Test.  When you submit your finished test, all multiple choice questions will be instantly auto-graded, and you'll be able to see each question you got right and wrong, along with the correct answers.  But best of all, we'll generate a free Basic Diagnostic report that gives you a breakdown of the problem areas that may be keeping you from achieving a passing RICA score. 

Next to each subject domain in your diagnostic breakdown, you'll find a link to the corresponding section of our online RICA Overview Study Guide, which provides a concise, bullet-pointed listing of the topics that appear on that portion of the exam, so you'll know exactly what content areas you need to study to improve your RICA results.

Your online RICA Practice Test, RICA Study Guide, and Basic Diagnostics are all provided free of charge!

We also offer additional paid features, such as Advanced Diagnostics that give you an even more in-depth breakdown of your RICA results (included as part of all our RICA Online Prep programs) and RICA Written Response Grading and Feedback from live professional graders, so you can get detailed feedback on your practice test constructed response and case study answers.

Ready to Get Detailed Feedback on Your RICA Results?

Learn exactly where you need to improve so that you can focus your study time on those areas and pass the RICA!  To access your free online RICA Practice Test, RICA Study Guide, and Basic Diagnostics, please click below and create your Teachers Test Prep account...


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