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Reach Institute for School Leadership


Teachers Test Prep is proud to partner with the Reach Institute for School Leadership to provide diagnostics and test prep services to their teacher candidates.

The Reach Intern Teacher Credential Program at the Reach Institute for School Leadership will support candidates to obtain an Intern Teaching Credential and then develop a candidates' teaching practice while they are working toward achieving equitable student outcomes as they fulfill requirements for a California K-12 Preliminary Teaching Credential. Beyond these requirements, the program will pay particular attention to less tangible but often more important characteristics of excellent teachers: a sense of purpose, the ability to build relationships, and a commitment to equity in education.

Teachers who complete the Reach Intern Teacher Credential Program will be effective beginning teachers who continuously improve their practice and work toward equitable student outcomes through frequent cycles of implementation, analysis, and reflection.

If you are currently in the Reach Institute's teacher preparation program, please DO NOT create an account on our website yourself. Instead, please contact your program support staff for more information about the special services to which you have access.

To learn more about the Reach Institute, please click below to visit the official Reach Institute for School Leadership website.

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