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Abby Lindsey


2022 "Pass the Torch" Scholarship Finalist

“During his free time at recess, rather than spending it over on the bench chatting with the other teachers, he would come outside and play with us. He would ref multiple kickball games with the boys and the girls would always cook him food using acorns and dirt and leaves, and it was so much fun!”

For second-grader Abby Lindsey, being a part of Mrs Waxmunski’s —or Mr. Wax’s— class meant waking up every day eager to get to school and learn. Mr Wax understood the importance of connecting with his students, sharing their enthusiasms and taking the time to learn about their lives. Abby plans to make her own classroom a place where all young learners feel known and welcomed – just like in Mr. Wax’s class.

Here is Abby's story about Mr. Waxmunski, the teacher who inspired her.



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