Make the Most of Your Study Time


When you create a Teachers Test Prep account, you get free Basic Diagnostics, which give you a breakdown of your likelihood of passing and your overall performance in each domain. However, you may wish to go beyond these basics and hone in on the exact areas where you need improvement.

Our Advanced Diagnostics give you a complete breakdown of exactly which subject matter categories are holding you back (most subtests are broken down into 35-70 distinct subject matter categories). Also, if you are using an Online Prep program that includes multiple practice test versions, we will track your performance from one test version to the next, letting you know where you are consistently doing well, where you sometimes miss questions, and where you are missing all questions.

Next to each category in your Advanced Diagnostics report, we provide links to the Core Videos that address the specific areas in which you need to improve, so you can make the most of your valuable study time.

Advanced Diagnostics are included as part of all our online prep programs. Choose your test below to get started now. Or if you want to learn more, watch our 2-minute Online Prep info video for a visual tour of our Online Prep features.


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