Core Videos - Praxis Special Education (Sample - Impact of Disabilities on Self and Family/Community)

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Click below to play a sample Core Video from our Praxis Special Education (5354/5543) Online Prep programs.  This particular video focuses on the Impact of Disabilities on Self and Family/Community, a topic that often appears on the exam.

When you purchase any of our Praxis Special Education Online Prep programs, you'll get Core Videos like this one covering every key concept you need to pass.  You'll learn the same key subject matter you would in our live classes, as well as strategies for success on the various multiple choice question types you can expect on the exam.  Then, once you are confident with the underlying subject matter, you can watch our Smart-STEM Virtual Tutoring videos, in which a tutor will show you how to apply your knowledge to the specific question types you are most likely to encounter on the actual test.

Both our Core Videos and Smart-STEM Virtual Tutoring videos are included in all our Online Prep programs!


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These Core Videos Are Included in All of Our Praxis Special Education (5354/5543) Online Prep Programs...

Below is a complete list of the Core Videos that are included in all our Praxis Special Education (5354/5543) Online Prep programs.  These videos have been created by our industry-leading team of Teachers and Subject Matter Experts based on the official Content Specifications published for the Praxis Educational Leadership exam, along with research and feedback from students and test takers, so you get an engaging, easy-to-use, and highly-focused program that makes the absolute most of your study time and teaches you the exact content knowledge and strategy you need to pass the exam.

  • Developmental Delays
  • Characteristics of Exceptionalities
  • Co-occurring Conditions
  • Theoretical Approaches to Learning
  • Impact of Disabilities on Self and Family/Community (You are currently viewing this free sample video.)
  • Role of the Family
  • Other Considerations in SpEd
  • Influences on Development/Achievement
  • Lesson Planning: Curriculum and Content
  • Lesson Planning: Adjusting to Student Needs
  • Structures of a Lesson Plan
  • Implementing and Monitoring Learning Objectives
  • Access to Curriculum
  • Creating an Effective Learning Environment
  • Identifying Student Behaviors
  • Managing Student Behaviors
  • Effective Classroom Management
  • Safe and Supportive Classrooms
  • Effective Teaching Strategies
  • Learning Strategies for Students
  • Types of Grouping in the Classroom
  • Types of Classroom Settings
  • Executive Function Skills
  • Ways to Make Content More Accessible
  • Research Based Interventions
  • Assistive Technology
  • Daily Transitions
  • Secondary Transitions
  • Assessments Overview
  • Formal and Informal Assessments
  • Formative Assessments
  • Summative Assessments
  • IEPs and Assessments
  • Interpreting and Using Data
  • Assessments and IEP Goals
  • Assessments and Accommodations/Modifications
  • Federal Legislation
  • Federal Requirements
  • The Individualized Education Plan
  • The Individualized Family Services Plan
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Special Education Teacher
  • Other Service Providers
  • Collaborative Teaching Models
  • Communicating with Key Stake Holders
  • Teaching without Bias

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