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How Do I Become a Teacher? - www.HowDoIBecomeATeacher.org

Learn the Steps Required to Become a Teacher in Your State...

At Teachers Test Prep, we work with thousands of aspiring teachers each year who are navigating the complex process of becoming certified.  To help credential candidates more easily understand the steps required to get into the classroom, we've created "How Do I Become a Teacher?" -- a website that provides a simple, step-by-step breakdown of the credentialing requirements in each state. 

In addition to covering the requirements to become credentialed, HowDoIBecomeATeacher.org also provides listings of teacher preparation programs and advice for choosing the program that's right for you, info about state teacher certification exams, and career advice and teaching job postings to help you find the position you're looking for.

Click below to visit the site today and get started on the road to becoming a teacher in your state.


Visit HowDoIBecomeATeacher.org


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