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Jasmin Baker


2022 "Pass the Torch" Scholarship Finalist

“For a long time I didn’t believe that I belonged in Advanced Math —I didn’t believe that I belonged in Advanced anything, honestly— but now … I realize that I do belong because I take the time to work hard and put my mind to anything.”

In grade 4, Jasmin Baker’s confidence plummeted when, after being in and out of hospital because of sickle cell disease, she was moved out of her Advanced Math class. For years afterwards she struggled with imposter syndrome, feeling that she didn’t belong in any of her advanced classes and just wasn’t good enough – until she met Mr. Mallillin. Now, as an aspiring teacher, Jasmin aims to foster self-belief in her own students.

Here is Jasmin's story about Mr. Mallillin, the teacher who inspired her.



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