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Oakland Unified School District


Teachers Test Prep is proud to partner with Oakland Unifed School District to provide diagnostics and test prep services to its teachers.

Oakland Unifed School District (OUSD) is committed to becoming a world-class school district that prepares every student for college, career, and community success. To meet this goal, supporting teachers' growth and development is priority area #1! In order to grow our own diverse pool of teachers and support them on their pathway to becoming certificated, OUSD is excited to partner with Teachers Test Prep to offer a CBEST preparation course. Once registered, those requiring CBEST support and interested in working with OUSD can receive online practice tests and significant discounts off Core Plus On-Demand Test Prep.  

If you are currently an OUSD employee, please DO NOT create an account on our website yourself. Instead, please contact to set up an account.

To learn more about OUSD, please click below to visit the official Oakland Unified School District website.

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