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TFA Corps Members Receive Access to Special Features and Discounts...

Teachers Test Prep is proud to support Teach for America and its goal of transforming lives through education.

Through our partnership with Teach for America, all eligible TFA Corps Members receive special benefits from Teachers Test Prep.  The features to which you have access will depend on whether you are a "Bill-to-Region" TFA Corps Member or a "Self-Pay" TFA Corps Member.  If you are unsure which type of user account you have, please contact your TFA administrative support staff.

Special Benefits for TFA Corps Members...

All of our users receive free access to Version 1 Practice Tests and Basic Diagnostics for any of our available exams.  You may select your exam(s) when you first log in and configure your account, or add and remove exams later by clicking on the "Settings - View/Edit" button near the top left of your My Account page. 

As a TFA Corps Member, you will also receive special discounts on our test prep services, including 20% off Live Classes, 10% off One-on-One Tutoring, and 40% off On-Demand Online Prep.  These TFA discounts are in addition to our regular package discounts.  When you are logged into your account, discounts will be automatically applied at the time of checkout, and these discounts are valid for all TFA Corps Members regardless of whether you are a "Bill-to-Region" or "Self-Pay" Corps Member.

If you are a "Bill-to-Region" TFA Corps Member, then your TFA Region has elected to purchase special diagnostic access for you.  In addition to the discounts and features described above, you will also receive free access to Version 2 Practice Tests for any of our available exams. 

IF YOU ARE ALREADY LOGGED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT (you will see your name in a welcome message at the top right of this screen), then please click below to view our 1-minute My Account Info Video, which provides instructions on how to use the free features included in your account, as well as a brief overview of the services that are available should you wish to receive additional help.


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How to Log In and Access Your Prep Features...

If you are a TFA Corps Member (regardless of whether you are a "Self-Pay" or "Bill-to-Region" user), DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT ON OUR SITE.  Instead, log into your account on the TeachForAmerica.org website, then click on the "Teachers Test Prep" icon under the "TFA Apps" dropdown menu to log into our site via single-sign-on.


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