Virtual Tutoring - Praxis Science Content Knowledge (Sample)

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The sample Smart-STEM Virtual Tutoring video below provides you with coaching for question number 89 on your Praxis Science: Content Knowledge (Version 1) Practice Test.  Click play to watch this video.

When you enroll in any of our Praxis Science: Content Knowledge (5435) Online Prep programs, you'll get instant access to videos like this one for every question on your full-length Version 1 Practice Test, so you can learn how to apply the key subject matter knowledge you learned in our Core Videos to the specific types of questions you're most likely to encounter on the real exam.

Both our Smart-STEM Virtual Tutoring videos and Core Videos are included in all our Online Prep programs.




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Enroll in Praxis Science Online Prep, and you can begin watching Smart-STEM Virtual Tutoring videos like this one for every multiple choice question on your full-length Version 1 Practice test right now!  You'll also get instant access to a host of other great features, including Core Videos in which an expert instructor will teach you all the key subject matter you need to pass the Praxis Science Content Knowledge exam, and Advanced Diagnostics that will help you make the most of your valuable study time by targeting the specific areas in which you need improvement.

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